Our goal is to keep our pets, homes and humans as free from toxic items as we can. 

We do this along side Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living is the ONLY company that has a Seed to Seal guarantee on every bottle of oil. They are committed to providing the best quality oils through their standards of testing from seed, soil, no use of pesticides, to distillation and sealing the bottle before you crack the seal. We will use no other Essential Oils and believe you should as well. 

We would love to get you started on your toxic free journey. Please go to our link and purchase a Premium Starter Kit with Diffusier.   

We will contact you within 1 week to set up a class to show you how to start on your journey. 

This can be done through Skype, Facebook Live or our classes here at Bed n Bones.  We will also come to your home and teach a class for your family and friends. 

The link is:
​Our referral number is
13513002.  Please use in the enrollee and sponsor area. Scroll down and enroll with the Desert Mist Diffuser. This is my favorite. 

Young Living Essential Oils & Pets

Did you know we are a Professional Account for Young Living?

Did you know that we use Essential Oils every day to clean our facility?

Did you know we teach classes on the use of Essential Oils for Pets and Humans twice a month?

Did you know that we can show you a way to detoxify your home, cleaning products, items your use on yourself and your pets?

Why should this be important to you? 

We want to start you on a wellness journey for your pets and family!

Check out our Facebook Page: Ranch, Oils and   Health 

Learn how Ningxia Red is the best antioxidant and can be added to your pets water. 
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We have classes 2 times a month at Bed n Bones.  One is a class for new Oilers that would like to learn how Essential Oils work with Pets, children, homes and big humans.  The 2nd class is for those of you that would like to start providing an income through sharing Essential Oils  Both classes will teach you how to live a toxic free life with lots of fun stories.  Come make some new friends while you learn.

If you don't have the time, go to our FaceBook page and watch some of the videos to learn.