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After we receive your information, we will send you detailed directions on how to find us.  All guests must have an appointment for a tour or trial.  We are less than 2 minutes from the freeway  ... it's just over the river and through the woods.

If you are still confused, call as you get close and someone will find you with the golf cart!

All dogs must have at least one trial period.  If your dog is nervous or uneasy, it make take more than two hours to get them acclimated. 

Please do not bring your pet if they are not well i.e. diarhea, vomiting, coughing, and lethargy.  We want to keep all pets healthy while they are here.  We recommend a Giardia vaccine and current fecal examine for parasites prior to board. Please let us know if your dog has been to another kennel within the last 10 days.   Thank you.

Make sure your vaccinations are updated and pet neutered/spayed.  We cannot accept pets without proper paperwork from a licensed vet.  

All holidays require an $104-$156 deposit to confirm your reservation (which is NON REFUNDABLE).  Please make sure you are using us prior to booking for a holiday.  We cannot open up last minute cancellations due to trial.  We do not accept reservations the week prior to a holiday unless your dog is part of our daycare program or boarded with us in the last 6 months.

If we have not seen you dog in the 6 months, please be prepared to drop them off for a daycare day to reaclimate them to the facility and staff.  We do this for the benefit of all our dogs.  Thanks for allowing us to keep the dogs safe.

Both of our new play yards are open - Whiskey River Run for the big dogs has natural footing and artificial turf area.  

Critter Creek Corral for the mid and smaller ranchers has artificial turf and a border around the edge.

We have a wedding tent area with portable heaters for those
cold rainy days.  Still lots of fresh air, things to smell, animals 
that run by for some much needed enrichment.